Gamer Mat Design 7

Gamer Mat Design 7

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  • Each design is named by number.  Example design 1 and so on.

  • The mats are a nice size and measure 24" X 14" and are 1/8" in thickness.  They are not only wonderful designs but they also protect your desk from scratches or damage.  

  • These mats are not just for gamers but for anyone who desires a nice mat for their desk with or without personalization.

  • NOTE:  Important Information for checkout: 

  • Each design can be customized with your intials, name, or phrase.  At check out where it says with personalization let me know what you want. Let me know if you want your initials, name or phrase at the top left, top right, bottom left, bottom right, or center.  Use can change any saying on the graphics that you see to something else if you would like.  Just let me know as I stated in the instructions above. Custom designs are accepted depending on my schedule and are at an hourly rate design fee.

  • The colors on these mats are stunning and the ware value is great.  Can easily be rolled up and taken with you on the go.

  • They make great gifts as they can be personalized.  And people love to have their belongings personalized.


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